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Empower Your Health.

About me.​

Too often, I see people equating being healthy with punishing themselves. I don't think living a healthy lifestyle has to come at the expense of living your fullest life or out of a need to punish but instead I believe it should come out of wanting to truly care for oneself in order to live your fullest (and longest/most energetic) life possible. With a background in behavioral psychology, I encourage my clients to find ways to make changes to their diet and overall lifestyle that not only makes them healthier but also helps them to feel more alive.

Recipes & Tips 

I believe in a natural, non-diet approach to both food and health, tailored specifically to your body. Click to see examples of recipes and integrative and functional tips to optimize your overall health.

Work with me

I offer a wide variety of services, including integrative and functional medicine, family and child counseling, restaurant consulting, and more to educate and counsel. Click on services to read more about what I offer.

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